Monster Hunter World New PS4 Beta, First Update Content Revealed

Monster Hunter World Beta

During Monster Hunter World Livestream Capcom reveals new content for the upcoming Monster Hunter World Beta period. The Beta period will start from January 19th at 11 AM (Japan) and it will end on January 22. Between these periods gamers will be able to play the third and final round where a new quest featuring Nergigante will be available in the battle.

Monster Hunter World Beta

The Beta edition will be used as a testing tool for worldwide multiplayer matching for the upcoming release. PS4 users with PSN can participate in this event. The beta download will be available from January 17.

There will be four quests where players will be facing giant’s monsters. The details are below.

  • In the first, The Insatiable Nergigante quest players will be hunting Nergigante on location Wildspire Waste.
  • In the second Great Devourer, Great Jagras quest players will hunt Great Jagras Hunt on location Ancient Forest.
  • In the third Wildspire Rampage quest players will hunt Barroth Hunt on location Wildspire Waste.
  • In the fourth, The Ancient Forest Menace quest players will hunt Anjanath Hunt on location Ancient Forest.

Along with this, the players will get login bonus in the form of lucky tickets, these tickets will help gamers to unlock more rewards once they complete the quest. The lucky tickets will be available till the next 5 days, gamers can also get them together if they log in later.

Starter Pack PS4 bundles are also announced where gamers can get two variants, Jet Black and Glacier White, there will be accessories like controllers, headset, and keyboards sold separately, you can get them with the game release. For more info on the beta content, you can read the source link below.

Source: Monster Hunt World Beta Info