What To Do With Wyvern Eggs In Monster Hunter World (& How To Steal Them)

Bagging these unborn Rathians won’t be easy, but here is how you can steal Wyvern Eggs in Monster Hunter World.

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In Monster Hunter World, you’ll spend a surprising amount of time running away from monsters instead of hunting them.

I wish I could say my running is all about epic quests, but truthfully, it’s mostly fueled by fear. There is one instance in which you’ll need to steal a Wyvern Egg and take it back to camp while avoiding conflict or crawling. I’m talking about those Gettin’ Yolked Delivery Quests, which put your stealth skills to the test. In this guide, I’ll show you how to steal Wyvern Eggs in Monster Hunter World and everything you can do with them, even after completing the quest. 

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What To Do With Wyvern Eggs In Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Wyvern Egg Use
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Once you’ve stolen a Wyvern Egg, you can complete the Gettin’ Yolked in the Forest Delivery Quest.

If the quest is already completed, you can still earn profitable resources by turning in stolen Wyvern Eggs at any camp. Sadly, you won’t breed a baby Rathian.

How to Steal a Wyvern Egg in Monster Hunter World

Wyvern Egg Location MHW
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The Wyvern Egg in the Ancient Forest is located in map piece 16, on the third floor of the forest. The best way to steal it without running into trouble is to snag it and head back to Ancient Forest Camp 17.

I highly recommend you unlock and build Ancient Forest Camp 17 before completing the Gettin’ Yolked in the Forest Delivery Quest quest since it’s the closest one to the Wyvern Egg location. Otherwise, you’ll have to walk back to map piece 1 on the first floor.

Also, if you’ve hung onto Tobi-Kadachi‘s Ghillie Mantle, make sure to equip it to avoid being detected by Rathian. If not, you’ll just have to be extra stealthy.

Once you’ve secured a route to the Wyvern Egg and back to Camp 17, do a test run and clear any Wingdrakes in the area. If they spot you, they will snitch your location to the Rathian. 

TIP: If you’re on the lower floors and run into a Wingdrake, latch onto it, and it will fly you up to the third floor.

MHW: Safest Route to Steal Wyvern Eggs in the Ancient Forest

To safely steal both Wyvern Eggs and return to the camp in Monster Hunter World, follow these steps:

Monster Hunter World Wyvern Egg Path
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Head out through Camp 17’s southeast exit and walk down the logs until you reach the nest area. Then, crawl under the tree to enter the nest area and make your way toward the Wyvern Egg.

A couple of actions trigger the egg to drop: crawling or pruning, taking damage, Rathian screams, and dropping from a very high point. This kind of rule comes back the way you came from or dropping to the camps on floor 1.

Monster Hunter World Wyvern Egg Path 2
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Instead of making your way back through the same path, exit through the left path. You’ll have to descend to the second floor and then head back to the third, but this route is as monster-free as it gets.

Once you enter the camp, look for the chest to deliver the Wyvern Egg in Monster Hunter World.