How To Get Nourishing Extract In Monster Hunter World (Farming Guide)

Nourishing Extract is your one-way ticket to max health, max stamina, and improved defense and attack stats in MHW.

How to Farm Nourishing Extract

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Your stamina and health bars can get depleted pretty quickly in Monster Hunter World. Unless you’ve got the right consumables to counteract that loss, then you’re done for.

Monster Hunter World bosses are tanky, so you’ll need all the stamina and health you can get to keep up with them, even with the best armor sets. Some of the best consumables in the game are crafted with Nourishing Extract. However, this item is so rare you can only get it from three of over 90 monsters available in the game. Plus, there is a high chance you could only get one drop per fight, which would only give you as much as one consumable. In this guide, I’ll show you how to actively and passively farm Nourishing Extract and the best consumables you can craft with it.

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Best Nourishing Extract Farming Method in Monster Hunter World

Nourishing Extract Farmingn Method MHW
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The best way to farm Nourishing Extract in Monster Hunter World is to hunt or capture Paolumu, Odogaron, and Dodogama. You can get anywhere from 1 to 5 Nourishing Extracts from taking down these enemies.

Paolumu is the most profitable choice since there is a slim chance you can run into an Odogaron in the same place. That’s two monsters and twice the chance to get 1-5 Nourishing Extract in Monster Hunter World.

However, you can get 1-10 Nourishing Extracts from defeating Dodogama. It all depends on how much you trust your RNG.

If you’re in the endgame, you can also send Trailraider Safari on a hunt Ebony Odogaron and farm Nourishing Extracts passively as you work on your own hunting projects. This might be slower, but you won’t have to work as hard.

Best Items to Craft with Nourishing Extract in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Farm Nourishing Extract
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Once you’ve got enough Nourishing Extract in Monster Hunter World, it’s time to put it to good use. Here are the best items you can craft with Nourishing Extract:

  • Ancient Potions can help you keep your health and stamina gauge always full. Combine Nourishing Extract with a Kelbi Horn, which you can get by defeating Kelbi at any rank, to get an Ancient Potion.
  • Mega Demondrug can increase your Raw Attack Power by 7 and lasts for the entire quest. Combine Nourishing Extract with regular Demondrug.
  • Mega Armorskin can increase your defense by 25% and lasts for the entire quest. Combine Nourishing Extract with regular Armorskin.

With these consumables in your inventory, you’ll be unstoppable in Monster Hunter World.