It Only Gets Harder: Monster Hunter: World Adding Tougher Version of Difficult Monster

Monster Hunter World header/Steam

Capcom released a new dev diary today and announced several exciting new pieces of content coming to Monster Hunter: World in tomorrow’s update, including harder monsters, seasonal events, armor, and big changes to the world.

When the update drops on December 5, fans who crave a challenge will have many opportunities to experience some. You’ll have to be prepared to your fullest for Tempered Ruiner Nergigante and Stygian Zinogre. The former will be coming to the Guilding Lands by way of max-level regions, including a new tundra area, and the latter will be given a special Master Rank quest. In addition to these two, another monster has been teased for the update. A new black dragon was recently teased by Capcom on Twitter.

Due to the silhouette of the dragon, many fans think it’s an adult version of Xino’jiiva, the final boss monster of the base game. The Safi’jiiva armor shown in the game is also a good indicator that this theory is true, and the new monster is an evolved version of the Xino’jiiva species. While it’s not on any of the roadmaps for the game, Capcom is usually very secretive when it comes to black dragons, not giving much information about them right up until release.

Image Credit: Capcom

In addition to the monsters being added, the update will also be adding two big Guilding Land changes, in an effort to improve to end-game content and grind. The biggest change is that players will be able to manually de-level certain areas to help if they need to grind for certain monsters. On top of this, special track and analysis progress will now be shared between players, allowing rarer monsters to be reliably accessed.

New layered armor is always requested in each update and this one delivers on that front as well. Odogaron, Nergigante, Rathalos, and other layered armor of High Rank sets will be coming in the update. Capcom noted they are considering bringing Master Rank armor to the armor pool in future updates.

The rest of the diary was focused on more light-hearted content such as the seasonal and crossover events. The Christmas-centric Holiday Joy fest is returning to Seliana and Asteria, bringing big changes to both areas on Dec. 20. Quests from previous seasonal events will return, including the game’s crossovers with Street Fighter, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and more. During the event, players will be able to engage in snowball fights while out in the field with other hunters. By planting a special snowman, you can collect snowballs from it and begin lobbing them at other players.

Between the two-year anniversary event coming in January, the holiday event, and the crossovers coming up, there is sure to be a slew of new layered armors, hairstyles, decorations, and more cosmetics for players to look forward to in the coming weeks.