Monster Hunter World Sales Reached 1.35 Million Within A Week In Japan


Monster Hunter World which was released recently was able to reach the top position under sales in the initial three days in Japan region. According to a recent press release, Capcom has shipped around 5 Million copies in the first three days of game release on PS4 and on Xbox One. Next news coming out through Famitsu. As per the recently published news by the Japanese video game magazines, Monster Hunter World sales reached 1.35 million the first three days in Japan.

Monster Hunter World PS4 Japan

The copies were sold on PS4, the actual figure is 1,350,412 million retail copies. The game was released just three days ago and the game has achieved this record high sale within the first week. Monster Hunter World has also turned into a top-selling game on PS4 in terms of total sales. Famitsu predicted that the total sales could exceed 2 Million if Digital Copies are also included in the sales list.

Officially the game was released on 26 January 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For PC it will be coming somewhere in the third or fourth quarter. Sale of Monster Hunter World also pushed PS4 and PS4 Pro hardware sales from 44,910 units to 140,432 units between Jan 22 to Jan 28. Total sales of PlayStation console in Japan is 6,187,000.

Above are the figures of initial releases, and in coming time there are possibilities Monster Hunter World will set more new milestones.

Source: Famitsu