More legendary Pokémon return to Pokémon Go in October, with several upcoming Halloween events

Here come the Ghost-type Pokémon.

Image via Niantic

October is the second month of Pokémon Go’s Season of Light, and players will receive the second step in the seasonal quest on October 4, getting the chance to evolve Cosmog. Alongside this occasion, several legendary Pokémon will return to five-star raids, Xerneas and Giratina, giving players the chance to add them to their collection, and they will be available when the several Halloween-themed events arrive later in the month.

The first legendary Pokémon that has already returned to five-star raids was Yveltal, which appeared earlier today for Fashion Week 2022. It will remain in five-star raids until October 8. Next up, we have Xerneas, and we can expect to see this Pokémon’s shiny version debut for the first time, similar to Yveltal. To wrap up the month, we have Giratina (Altered Forme) appearing from October 20 to October 27 and Giratina (Origin Forme) from October 27 to November 8. Both Giratina forms will likely have their shiny forms available, but hopefully, they come with special attacks to make them more enticing to catch.

The big event kicking off the Season of October will be the Evolving Stars event from October 5 to 11, followed by Mega Gyarados Raid Day on October 8, the Festival of Lights from October 14 to 17, the October 2022 Community Day featuring Litwick on October 15, and then the Halloween event from October 20 to 31. We’re looking forward to learning what Special Research will be featured in this year’s Halloween-themed excursion, and hopefully, players have another chance to catch Spiritomb.

The smaller events embedded throughout the month include Spotlight Hours. For Spotlight Hours, Purrloin will appear on October 4, Haunter on October 11, Misdreavus on October 18, and Shuppet on October 25. Should you have a buddy Pokémon out during these Spotlight Hours, Niantic is promoting something special that will occur. Plus, having a buddy will yield more rewards to earn them Candy while you play.

It’s shaping up to be a busy month in October. We’re surprised we haven’t seen Team Rocket yet, but that could change in the next few weeks. We wish players luck in attempting to catch shiny Yveltal and Xerneas in five-star raids.