More Starfield images leak, showing space stations, suits, and an early HUD

In space, no one can hear you leak.


Screengrab via Gamepur

We’ve still got a few months to go before Starfield arrives exclusively on Xbox Series X/S and PC, which means there’s plenty of time for leaks and additional info to trickle out. Screenshots have leaked before, and a batch of five fresh ones just found their way to Reddit.

Shared by user iTardavk, the five screenshots show a variety of things. Most prominently, we see large space stations constructed on the surface of a planet. There are shots from the outside looking in through polygonal windows, and inside looking through glass dividers into additional rooms. There’s also one third-person shot showing an individual in a space suit, featuring an early HUD at the bottom of the screen. iTardavk stated that these are “from the 2018 build of Starfield,” so remember that nothing is final.

Nor is any of it particularly surprising — there are no space aliens or stylish spacecrafts in the leaked screenshots. Still, the HUD shows elements like health, stamina, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, and what looks like a shotgun icon. Another Reddit user, OdahP, compiled these and other leaked screenshots into one collection in another thread. You can check those out if you want to see more images that are stylistically similar (and equally unsurprising), though still intriguing.

For its part, Bethesda has been slowly teasing what we can expect from Starfield. Dev diaries have showed off concept art and detailed the game’s dialogue choices and persuasion system. Starfield’s release date is November 11 of this year.