Nacon Announces Revolution 5 Pro Controller That Eliminates Drift

Nacon’ Revolution 5 Pro Controller promises to end the bane of gaming.

Image Via Nacon

Nacon has revealed the Revolution 5 Pro controller for PS4, PS5, and PC, which promises to ignore the dreaded stick drift problem that plagues most modern controllers. You’ll also be able to replace most components, allowing you to easily repair the controller without needing to send it away or pay for costly fixes.

The PS5’s DualSense and the Xbox Series X/S controller are fine for casual play, but specialty controllers are on the market for people who play competitively. Nacon has produced many of these before, as they’re designed with more accurate joysticks and the ability to switch control profiles with the flick of a button.

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The Revolution 5 PS4/PS5/PC Controller Is Coming In October 2023

A new trailer on the official Nacon YouTube channel has revealed the Revolution 5 Pro for PS5, PS4, and PC, with Android and iOS compatibility planned for 2024, which will be controlled via the controller’s dedicated app. The unit will cost $199.90 and comes in either white or black colors. There’s currently no word whether it has the full set of DualSense features, such as Adaptive Triggers or Haptic Feedback, but that’s because it’s specialized in other ways.

Joystick drift has been a major issue with the current generation of controllers, and the Revolution 5 Pro controller promises to avoid the issue thanks to its Magnetic Hall effect technology, which also promises more precise controls. Those unhappy with the strength of the Adaptive Triggers of their base DualSense can use the Trigger Blocker feature of the Revolution 5 Pro to customize their resistance level.

In terms of additional features, you can replace many of the components to make repairs easier, and it comes with three sets of weights, three stick sizes, three stick heads, and an external microphone jack to let you customize it out of the box. The D-Pad has an unconventional design, as it was made in partnership with professional player Mister Crimson to offer more control and precision. The Revolution 5 Pro lets you save four control profiles, and you can instantly switch between the sound of your console and Bluetooth headphones with one button press.

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Stick drift is the bane of modern gaming and players have had their precious gaming time ruined by having to wait around and needing their controllers fixed. The Revolution 5 Pro is a premium item that will prevent these issues while offering you a much better experience than what the default controllers will offer.