Naughty Dog is working on an “unannounced remake,” according to QA tester’s LinkedIn profile

We’re pretty sure it’s The Last of Us, though.

Image via PlayStation

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Rumors about a The Last of Us remake continue to circulate and for a good reason. The last report we heard said such a remake could arrive in 2022, and a LinkedIn profile seems to corroborate its existence.

Naughty Dog content creator @Joanastic spotted the profile. QA tester Corey Hong, who worked on The Last of Us Part 2, has an “unannounced remake project” listed among his Naughty Dog responsibilities. While a Last of Us remake has yet to be officially announced, the overwhelming sentiment is that we’re getting it alongside the upcoming HBO series. Odds are, that remake is the unannounced game here. Hong’s list also includes an “unannounced multiplayer project,” which is most likely a standalone version of the game’s Factions mode. Like the remake itself, that hasn’t debuted either, but we know it’s in the works. Naughty Dog will “reveal more when it’s ready.”

Still, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard about a video game project from LinkedIn — it wouldn’t even be the first time we’ve heard about a Naughty Dog title. The future of Uncharted was recently hinted at by newly hired recruiter Christina-Marie Drake McBrearty. Her role involves “building future teams for not only new titles but for the legacy of Uncharted.” The phrasing suggests a new game is in some early development stage.