NBA All-World, a globe-trotting basketball game, is coming from Pokémon Go devs Niantic

Welcome to the “new era of hoop.”

Image via Niantic

Niantic has adapted several properties for the mobile gaming market. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite might be shut down now, but Pokémon Go is still going strong. Even Geralt of Rivia got an on-the-go game with The Witcher: Monster Slayer from Spokko. Next up for Niantic is something that already exists in the real world: basketball.

According to the official website, NBA All-World will see you “get outside, step into the sneakers of today’s NBA stars, and go 1v1 against the best players in the world.” Niantic’s brand of mobile games is all about augmented reality, and All-World will challenge you to “explore your neighborhood while competing in mini-games to become king of the court.” Gameplay details are scarce, but it’s easy to imagine the concept of Pokémon Go’s gyms swapped out for basketball courts. Real-world sporting goods stores have also been mentioned as ideal challenge locations.

Completing basketball challenges and winning 1v1 matches will also net you in-game prizes. “Sneaker and gear drops” will be part of the cosmetics on offer, letting you “flex your style and increase the performance of your squad.” While the site doesn’t mention microtransactions, it’s easy to picture the game offering those “gear drops” for real-world money too. Pokémon Go’s PokéCoins can be both earned in-game or purchased with actual money, for example.

In terms of how this will actually look on your mobile device, we don’t really know anything at this time. The announcement trailer doesn’t give any further details. It only serves to set the tone for the game, showing the earth slowly morphing into a giant basketball floating in space. You can watch that for yourself below.

NBA All-World doesn’t have a set release date right now, but you can still pre-register on the game’s website. You can input your email, date of birth, and region to stay up to date on all the future announcements from Niantic.