NCAA football games are back as Electronic Arts strikes new agreement with CLC

It’s actually happening.

One day after MLB The Show officially became a non-PlayStation exclusive title and joined the Xbox family of consoles, another sports game bomb was dropped on the community. Electronic Arts announced that that it has reached a new agreement with the College Licensing Company (CLC) to move forward with new NCAA-related football games.

In a press release on February 2, EA announced it has signed on, along with the CLC, to become the exclusive developer of simulation college football games. Additionally, the deal will also give EA access to over 100 team names and logos from throughout the NCAA.

Electronic Arts added that no real players will be in the upcoming title, and it is important to note that this new game is in the very early stages of development. EA stated that development on the new title just started, and launch timing for the game will come as the project progresses in the years ahead.

Regardless of the timeline, this is major news for the sports game, and the larger gaming community as a whole. EA Sports’ NCAA Football franchise was a top seller up until its final edition in 2013. The franchise seemingly died after the NCAA lost in the Ed O’Bannon licensing lawsuit, but after eight years, it is dormant no more.