EA Sports College Football reportedly skipping last-gen consoles, includes modes from past installments

Prepare to grind for the Heisman Trophy once again in Road to Glory.

Image via EA Tiburon

It has been more than a year since Electronic Arts revealed it was re-shaping its retired NCAA Football series into what will now be known as EA Sports College Football in 2023. Despite the publisher staying mute on what the series’ inaugural game will hold, a new report seems to have unearthed its potential gameplay mechanics, modes, and how collegiate athletes will be worked into the incoming title. More importantly, the installment will allegedly be exclusive to current-gen hardware.

According to 247Sports’ Brandon Marcello, sources familiar with the college football game’s development have said it is currently only slated for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, as the release of a possible PC version has yet to be decided. The claim isn’t a major shock, as EA Sports general manager Darryl Holt previously mentioned last year that the newer consoles were a major reason for the series’ return.

Marcello also alleges that the sports title is being built on Frostbite 3.0, the same engine that has been used for current-gen Madden NFL games. Although NCAA Football titles have borrowed Madden engines in the past, this could point to possible mechanics included in EA Sports College Football. For instance, Madden NFL 23 has revamped the engine with its new Fieldsense gameplay system. The system allows players to move and pass more accurately with over 3,500 new animations and an optional throwing meter for quarterbacks.

The report even asserts that beloved NCAA Football modes Dynasty and Road to Glory are set to return. In NCAA Football 14, Dynasty allowed players to control and build a school’s team for up to 60 simulated seasons, while Road to Glory consisted of a player-created baller working their way up from high school football to their senior year at the college ranks.

The biggest mystery of all remains to be what teams and players will be included in EA Sports College Football. Marcello says the publisher is looking to secure licensing rights to “enough players for a two-deep depth chart” with the rest of the roster spots possibly being made up of fictional athletes.

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As for teams, EA did reveal it struck an agreement with the College Licensing Company (or CLC) in order to feature over 130 of its partnered schools. Although the company does represent most in Division I, some of its major Power Five teams have requested to not be a part of the incoming game, such as TCU and Wisconsin.