Netflix Games adds Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story to its subscription

Riot and Netflix continue their partnership.

Image via Riot Forge

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The League of Legends spin-off title Hextech Mayhem has found a new home with Netflix Games. The game is now available to play on the Netflix Games app for anyone with a subscription.

Hextech Mayhem is a rhythm runner game starring the character Ziggs, a playable champion from League of Legends. Ziggs is part of a species of fictional creatures known as yordles that are short in stature and covered with fur. The game originally launched for the Nintendo Switch and PC on November 16 and was always meant to come to Netflix Games, we just didn’t know when.

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The game is developed by Riot Forge, a sub-division of Riot Games that is devoted to making spin-off titles like Hextech Mayhem and the Ruined King role-playing game. Riot Games has been working with Netflix a lot lately, with Riot releasing its animated series Arcane on Netflix. Arcane brought in good viewership numbers and achieved critical acclaim.

Hextech Mayhem and Arcane could be the start of more Netflix and Riot Games collaborations. Arcane Season 2 has already been announced and will release on Netflix at some point after 2022. It’s possible Riot will release more of its smaller titles on Netflix Games, like CONV/RGENCE and Song of Nunu, both of which are expected to come in 2022. Netflix is still trying to grow its gaming division and it may prove fruitful for the streaming service to team up with a huge gaming brand like League of Legends.