Netflix launches an official Discord bot that misses the most obvious feature

Who is this bot actually for?

Image via Netflix

Netflix released a trailer today on Twitter showcasing its new Discord app, available in the newly founded App Library. Most users saw Netflix and Discord together and assumed that this app will offer what most expect: watch parties on Discord. However, by analyzing every bit of this 35-second video, we have not seen any signs that this app will feature watch parties. It seems to be a bot that will allow Discord users to find new shows to watch and help them discuss these shows.

The “Hey, Netflix” bot will help Discord users find something to watch on Netflix. Users will get to choose if they want to watch whatever show or movie the bot suggests alone, or with their online friends. Everyone in the Discord group will then be able to answer a few questions, such as “Are you in a movie mood?” or “want to binge a series?” Based on the votes, the Hey, Netflix bot will suggest something for the majority.

The bot will also allow Discord users to select the country which they will watch Netflix from. It does this to find a show that all the watchers can see in their countries (the Hey, Netflix bot hasn’t heard of VPNs). Hey, Netflix will then offer the users a couple of suggestions, which the Discord users can vote for. The bot will also create a special channel where the users can discuss the episodes or the movie.

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Most Discord and Netflix users were excited about the news until they actually watched the trailer. The features are interesting but are not what fans are looking for. If there is no watch party feature for this Netflix app, it does not seem like the bot will be very popular. As one user replied to the tweet, “it’d be nice if we all could see Netflix at the same time.”