New D&D adventure anthology sends players on bank heists, tricks them with fake maps

These new D&D maps are as useful as an inflatable dartboard.

Dungeons & Dragons adventurers looking at map in key art for Keys from the Golden Vault

Image Via Wizards of the Coast

The next Dungeons & Dragons adventure anthology, Keys from the Golden Vault, will be tricking players who tackle each quest, as every player-facing map in the book is incorrect. This means that part of the game will involve the party working out the secrets of their map and using its information to aid them on their journey.

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Keys from the Golden Vault contains thirteen standalone adventures based around heists, with the party sneaking into different locations and stealing some great treasures. A new trailer on the official Dungeons & Dragons YouTube channel has gone into detail about the adventures, all of which include two maps; one for the DM, which is accurate, and one for the players that have mistakes.

Keys from the Golden Vault involves different heists, including stealing from casinos, sneaking into museums, prison break-ins, and even train robberies. These will involve planning on the part of the players, and knowing the lay of the land beforehand will be vitally important for the mission. The fact that a critical piece of their knowledge is incorrect means that surprises await the D&D parties who rely too much on their maps.

One interesting tidbit revealed by Wizards of the Coast is that one of the adventures involves Revel’s End prison, which will also appear in the upcoming film Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves. As Keys from the Golden Vault will launch in North America on February 21, players can have adventures in the prison before the movie hits theaters on March 31.

While Keys from the Golden Vault consists of standalone adventures, these can be stitched into a Dungeons & Dragons campaign as they gradually scale in level. This means that it won’t take long for these Ocean’s Eleven wannabes to start mistrusting all of the information they are given, and they’ll have to start acting like real rogues to survive.