New job listing for The Elder Scrolls 6 hints at Multiplayer

The listing is looking for someone who has “strong familiarity with a variety of open world multiplayer games.”

Image via Bethesda

Since its announcement in 2018, we’ve heard almost nothing about Bethesda’s next entry into The Elder Scrolls series, with only a brief teaser trailer to whet our appetites. With Starfield releasing this year and Elder Scrolls Online getting a new expansion, we will not likely hear much about the new game anytime soon.

However, thanks to a new job listing, we may have gotten some hints about what we can expect from Bethesda’s next adventure in Tamriel, and in a first for the mainline series, we could see a multiplayer mode coming to The Elder Scrolls 6.

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The Elder Scrolls 6 job listing points toward multiplayer inclusion in the next mainline title

Image via Elder Scrolls Online

The job listing in question is for an Associate Level Designer. From the listings description, we can see that, alongside other requirements for the role, such as knowledge of 3D game space and environmental storytelling, the most notable inclusion is for the applicant to be strongly familiar with a variety of open-world multiplayer games. It also states that the applicant should be experienced with The Elder Scroll Construction Set.

Bethesda isn’t new to dipping into the multiplayer space with their MMO, Elder Scrolls Online. However, this listing isn’t for Zenimax Online, the studio behind ESO. It also explicitly mentions Bethesda Games Studio and doesn’t point to any specific project, shrouding the role in secrecy and adding fuel to the idea of multiplayer inclusion in the next entry. If true, this would be a first for the mainline series, which has always been single-player. It could also open up some potentially interesting new gameplay options for players, leading to multiplayer becoming a more prominent feature in future titles.

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Of course, this should all be taken with a healthy pinch of salt since we still don’t know anything about The Elder Scrolls 6, and we likely won’t for quite some time with Bethesda currently focussed on their sci-fi outing Starfield, which is set to release September 6 this year. For now, players will need to hold out a while longer to hear anything concrete about The Elder Scrolls 6.