New Smite goddess Cliodhna revealed

The Queen of the Banshees arrives in October.

Image via Titan Forge Games

The next character to join the roster of popular MOBA Smite will be Cliodhna, and she looks like a real scream. Literally. She’s the Queen of the Banshees in Irish mythology.

Cliodhna was announced on Twitter, alongside a short cinematic trailer. It features the queen approaching a distraught man who runs away in fear when her ghostly form is revealed. Running doesn’t help him though, as the ghostly goddess passes right through the walls of his house before unleashing her signature scream. That doesn’t do much to explain how her powers will work when she becomes playable in Smite, but the accompanying tweet does say “there’s nowhere to run” and “nowhere to hide” from her. The trailer certainly makes that clear.

We’ll learn more about Cliodhna soon, though. The tweet asks fans to tune in to the Smite Twitch channel on Wednesday, September 29 at 3 PM ET/noon PT for more information. Expect more details then, as well as a possible release date for Cliodhna. The trailer ends with a general “October” release window, but that still leaves 31 possible days for her to launch during spooky season.

Cliodhna is joining an ever-growing Smite roster of mythological characters from all over the world. Recently, Greek goddesses Charybdis was added to the MOBA, and King Arthur’s sorceress foil Morgan Le Fay joined before that. Cliodhna isn’t the first to represent Irish myth either – bear goddess Artio, warrior Cu Chulainn, and others have already joined the fight. The Queen of the Banshees is sure to be followed by even more legendary heroes.