New Sonic Frontiers trailer shows off new areas, moves, and a trapped Amy Rose

A new look at the story and a release date!

Image via Sega

Sonic Frontiers showed up at Gamescom Opening Night Live with a new trailer giving us a confirmed release date and a quick look at a trapped Amy Rose. There is quite a lot here for anyone looking forward to the game to get excited about.

The trailer starts off by introducing a couple of new characters we don’t know much about just yet. First, is a Korok-like stone creature that is likely going to be the substitute for the small animals that we will be saving pretty regularly through the game. We also are reintroduced to a digitized floating girl named Sage that is demanding Sonic submit to her power. We know she has control of the robot enemies you will be fighting throughout the game.

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Those aren’t the only characters Sonic will interact with. While Amy’s voice could be heard in the original teaser trailer, this video gave us our first look at her. She has been captured and seems to be in a digitized stasis. We expect that besides Amy, you will definitely also be saving Tails and Knuckles, but others like Mighty, Silver, and even Shadow would be interesting characters for Sonic to save.

Image via Sega

Gameplay footage some of the boost formula style that the series has largely used over the last decade. We see Sonic running through a crowded freeway, as well as returns to Green Hill Zone and Sky Sanctuary, so these side levels will explore past favorites like Sega is known to do.

Of course, the trailer also focuses on the open-world gameplay that is the focus of Sonic Frontiers. The game looks to employ quite a few different environments for you to run around. As you do this, there will be plenty of obstacles to jump from and grind around as you also fight off the forces of this encroaching army.