New Starfield video showcases robot companion VASCO

Domo arigato.

Image via Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield arrives this fall, which means there’s plenty of time to learn more about its setting, systems, and characters. Developer Bethesda’s latest video showcases VASCO, a robot companion who will be joining you on your journey.

Starfield lead artist Istvan Pely introduces VASCO, an expeditionary robot built by Constellation, the company that sends you on your primary journey in the game. As the video (via IGN) shows off VASCO’s look via concept art and in-game footage, Pely describes him as a “utilitarian, heavily industrial machine, well-suited to the rigors of space travel.” VASCO is bipedal, and he’s built for traversing rough terrain with survival gear and carrying payloads across great distances. “His primary role is peaceful,” but he “does have defensive capabilities should the need arise.” Exploration and combat are two key components of Bethesda’s games, so that all checks out.

VASCO’s dynamic with the player will be interesting to see in the full game. Robots often play a utilitarian role in RPGs, and seeing as VASCO was described the same way, he may be a foil to more free-spirited players. He should also be a handy resource for learning more about Starfield’s universe, as Pely also said he’s had “many years in the field.”

We’ll be able to meet VASCO and Starfield’s other companions when the game releases on November 11. The spacefaring RPG will be an exclusive on Xbox Series X/S and PC.