Valorant patch 3.08 fixes Viper’s Ultimate and skin levels

Viper is now more vicious.

Image via Riot Games

The latest Valorant update has gone live, and patch 3.08 includes a number of changes that should make for a better experience in the competitive shooter. Viper players will be extra pleased.

The poisonous agent has received a good number of changes. Listed in the patch notes is a fix for her Ultimate, which will now work correctly if placed atop the shipping crates on the Icebox map. Likewise, Left Hand Mode players will now see the valves on her gloves on the correct side. Her Pit and Poison Cloud 1P HUDs have also been optimized. Other optimizations and bug fixes are part of the patch as well.

Let’s say you want to mix up your Viper skins. Now you can do that too, thanks to this patch. You can equip any level skin on Viper (and other agents of course), unless it’s a variant — those will always default to the max level. Likewise, you can equip any Account Level Border you’ve unlocked, as well as hide your Account Level in a match if you wish.

Riot says cheating in Valorant is at an “all-time low,” but that doesn’t mean it’s totally gone. As such, patch 3.08 also includes changes to player reports. You’ll now be alerted when Riot takes action on one of your reports — it’ll pop up live if you’re online or be waiting for you when you log back in.

Along with the new patch comes the Nunca Olvidados skin bundle. Spanish for “never forgotten,” the bundle celebrates the Day of the Dead with five new skins, each with night and day variations. The bundle costs 5,100 VP.