Wild Hearts story trailer explores the village of Minato and the people who live there

Minato is the hub space players will occupy between hunts.


Screenshot via Wild Hearts’ YouTube channel

Developer Omega Force treated us to a new look at the world of its upcoming action role-playing game Wild Hearts. The video explores the hub space that players will inhabit between hunts, Minato, and the cast of characters who live there and will assist you in your journey.

The Wild Hearts Story Trailer gives you an overview of the general story that you’ll experience while playing the game. An ancient disaster has ravaged the world and is now filled with colossal creatures called Kemono. Players must band together to take these beasts down and take back the Celestial Threads they hold hostage, especially when they threaten your home, Minato.

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The village of Minato is home to many, but it’s fragile compared to the might of the Kemono. That’s why everyone there works together to supply you with the tools you need to take these monsters down and restore their Celestial Threads to their rightful place. The people shown in the trailer will likely be vendors that you visit to improve your gear. For example, Natsume is a blacksmith who will probably forge new weapons and armor for you, Seren sounds like a leader who could be responsible for making improvements to Minato, and Suzuran is the resident scientist who will aid you with powerful abilities and items that can tackle Kemono better than your melee weapons.

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Wild Hearts takes inspiration from the Monster Hunter franchise. Players are warriors that go out into the world to take on massive monsters threatening their way of life. The resources collected from these creatures can then be used to craft new weapons, armor, and other items useful in battle or those that will help your home village of Minato.

The game’s core gameplay loop appears to be bombastic and energetic, with out-of-this-world boss fights against the largest Kemono. However, its longevity will depend on its endgame. The missions players can take on once they’ve completed the main story and any content the developer has planned for release further down the line.