Monsters and magic machines clash in a new Wild Hearts trailer, introduces a gargantuan bear

The latest Wild Hearts trailer shows mankind’s eternal struggle against giant bears.

Wolf monster in Wild Hearts artwork

Image via EA

A new Wild Hearts trailer focuses entirely on setting up the game’s world rather than showing off any Wild Hearts gameplay footage. In this trailer, human hunters face giant, Kemono monsters in battle, outmatched in size, speed, and strength. Luckily, the hunters have access to Karakuri technology, giving them instant access to massive weapons and barricades, allowing them to even the odds.

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The trailer’s story is told as if it were part of a theatre show featuring clockwork toys acting out the roles of monsters and hunters. Once the final curtain is drawn, the camera reveals a new foe; a gargantuan bear that appears to be made out of stone, with moss and plants growing on its shoulder, suggesting that it’s some kind of natural formation that has come to life and attacked mankind. This guy puts even the bears from Elden Ring to shame.

The size of the bear enemy is far beyond that of all of the other creatures revealed for the game, and we assume the boss fights will only get bigger as you work your way through Wild Hearts. This colossal size isn’t unheard of for the genre, as the Monster Hunter series has featured similar beasts, such as Dalamadur, a massive serpent wrapped around the entire battlefield, or Dah’ren Mohran, which needs to be grounded with vehicles before the hunters can attack it head-on.

The previews for Wild Hearts have compared it favorably to Monster Hunter, yet the new trailer also includes elements of Attack on Titan, where the hunters must use primitive tech to outmaneuver their massive foes. This makes the final teaser with the bear all the more exciting, as those kinds of gadgets won’t be effective against an enemy of that size.