Niantic Finally Acknowledge Pokemon Go “Insecure App” With Impossible Fix

Pokemon Go players are frustrated as the developers haven’t fixed the issue of trainers being able to log into the game.

A Shaymin Pokemon sitting on a tree stump

Image via Niantic

Pokemon Go is a fantastic mobile game that allows players to catch adorable creatures on the go… when it works. Some players have reported issues with logging in on Android devices for over a month. Despite the outcry from players on social media, Niantic hasn’t yet fixed the issue.

This has made it extremely frustrating for players who play the mobile game on Android devices as they haven’t been able to log onto the game. It appears to be popping up with players who have chosen to sign in using Google, so some other users have been safe from this problem altogether. Niantic finally addressed the issue with logging in, but their solution isn’t one that players are having luck using.

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Niantic Gives Players Unusable Solution To Login Issues

The developers have recommended that players experiencing this log-in issue should use the in-app feature that allows players to reach out to them. This reply from them can be viewed on the Reddit post by user u/milotic03.

Players are now even more frustrated as they can’t log into the game in the first place to access this in-app feature. A Reddit user then points out how Niantic is saying they are not receiving these in-app reports about the issue, and it is probably why it is still going unfixed all this time. Another user said they had had this problem since February, stating that they noticed Niantic getting all kinds of tweets and in-game messages from players over the months but have still failed to do anything more about it.

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Not only is this going to turn fans away from playing the game, but this could also cause Pokemon Go to generate less revenue due to fewer players being active to purchase in-game items. For now, we don’t know when Niantic will solve this issue.