Ninjala Season 2 features a Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration

It’s now official.


GungHo has announced Ninjala is getting its much anticipated Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration very soon. It will happen as part of the Season 2, which kicks off on August 26 with more content yet to be revealed. The announcement was delivered through Developer Diary #8, which also included details about the game’s anime narrative.

Players knew about Ninjala and Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration for a while, as references to the character were included in the game’s file since April.

GungHo has not shared details about what Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration will be about, but according to the details datamined, the cosmetic items about Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and other characters from that world should be part of it.

Ninjala Season 2 will also feature a new anime episode, which is scheduled for early September. The new episode will be about Jane, a hacker for the WNA’s Info-communications Division.

Ninjala Season 2 is also expected to add new events, a stage, and a weapon, in the coming days.