Ninjala story mode trailer reveals characters, weapons and levels

Offline campaign coming as paid DLC.

Ninjala Season Pass Character Power-Ups announced

Image via Nintendo

GungHo has released a brand new Ninjala official launch trailer that provides more details about the incoming story mode. The game is soon releasing on Nintendo Switch as a free-to-play brawler, but on top of the multiplayer mode that will remain the core of the experience, it will deliver a story mode, and players will have to pay $10 to access it.

The trailer reveals a first look at the characters, weapons, and levels. The title promises to offer a brilliant mesh up between Arms and Splatoon.

The story mode will be evolving over the months through comic book-style panels and will be based on standalone missions revolving around ninja-gum powers to explore levels and fight against challenging enemies.

Depending on how well players will go through the offline campaign, they will manage to receive Ninja Medals to invest on growing Shinobi Cards.

It won’t be limited to the single-player experience, though, as fans will be able to unlock rewards for the customization and upgrade component in the multiplayer mode.

The game will feature a microtransactions model that will allow you to make in-game purchases, and we’ve got a deep dive into that here

After a short delay due to the COVID-19 lockdown, Ninjala is finally releasing on June 24 and is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch.