Nioh 2 celebrates 1 million copies sold with free armor, new missions and photo mode

The game released in March.

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Image via Team Ninja

Koei Tecmo has announced Nioh 2 has reached the 1 million copies sold milestone, including shipped retail units and digital downloads.

The original Nioh game has sold 3 million units since its release in 2017 between PC and PlayStation 4, while its follow up has been available only for two months on PS4.

The Japanese publisher has released the update 1.09 to celebrate the latest milestone, sharing new free content with the players of the soulslike action-adventure title.

The new content includes the Maniki Armor, which you can grab for free at your company’s “Gifts” section, and nine missions, including Shadow, Twilight and Afterglow variations.

A photo mode is now available to take pictures during gameplay, even in multiplayer sessions. An additional Spirit Guardian has been delivered: Kage can be obtained through a delivery mission, and doesn’t affect the trophy related to getting all the guardians in the game.

The patch also implements certain adjustments, which you can check below. These have been translated through Google Translate from the Japanese official website and updated once the English changelog is released.

  • Alignment effect of light armor “A master of unparalleled spear” “Kawabe youkai face” “Senari’s desire” “Illusion teaser” “Mute Katsuryu” “Iga Shinobi no Naga” “Iga Thick General” ” Adjusted the effect of “the old military master’s intrigue”
  • Adjusted the difficulty level to be frightened when hitting an enemy’s great skill in Ayakashi no Yumeji
  • Reduces the amount of Amrita lost by enemy attacks when you have many Amrita
  • Adjusted the amount of Amrita that a specific boss can take in an attack
  • Increased the drop rate of items when defeating enemies with the monster technique of “Shijiro”
  • Adjusted the energy damage of “Kamimizu Kikuri”
  • Adjusted the energy damage of the sword martial arts “Kegon Drop”
  • Added the contents about interrupt guard input while being frightened by an enemy’s attack to the tutorial of “Guard and Evasion” in “Basic Actions”
  • When placing “Yoshizuka”, change it so that it cannot be placed in a position that interferes with the use of the company and hot springs
  • Changed to display the number of possessed tea utensils and the upper limit of possessed tea while displaying the information of tea utensils on the belongings screen
  • “Foil order”, “Wason order”, and “Otsu order” are added to the items for switching the order of the tea utensils.
  • Changed the weapon information displayed on the equipment screen and inventory screen to reflect the attack power increase effect other than weapons

Players can also find the full list of bugs squashed thanks to the latest patch on the official website.

Nioh 2 is currently available exclusively on PS4, and unlike the first chapter, plans for a PC release have not been disclosed yet.