No Man’s Sky Endurance update overhauls Freighters and bases, adds new missions and a new Expedition

Build stronger and better fleets.


Image via Hello Games

Hello Games today pulled the curtain on the No Man’s Sky Endurance update. This update brings a lot to the game, including a complete overhaul of the Freighter and base systems, adds a new Expedition, implements combat missions into the mix, and so much more for players to dig into.

The first thing that players will notice about the No Man’s Sky’s Endurance update is how much Freighters have changed. There’s a new bridge to command your fleet from, a place that most players will have been so familiar with before the update. You can even now walk outside on your Freighter, allowing you to gaze into the vastness of space while your most prized ship sits beneath your feet.

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In a similar way to how settlements work, your crew is now dynamic. They’ll display their thoughts above their heads and you can engage with them if you’d like. Some of them may want you to build a farm, which is achievable with the Agricultural Modules in your Frieghter thanks to this update.

Several quality of life updates have been made to make building easier, traversing black holes more cinematic, and upgrade the variety of Freighters you can find. A new class called Organic Freighters will now appear. These are huge living ships that are procedurally generated, just like all life in No Man’s Sky.

The game’s latest Expedition, Polestar Expedition, will also be live soon. This sees players repair a mysterious Organic Freighter and uncover its past. This is just the tip of the iceberg though, because there are now new combat missions that will see players work together to take down Sentinel Pillars and many other threats. Finally, this update also overhauls many of the visual components of No Man’s Sky. You’ll see larger asteroid fields, more beautiful nebulae, and a lot more the next time you jump in to explore the galaxy.