No Man’s Sky Prisms Patch 3.52 fixes Normandy SR1, rain wetness, and overly large stars

Your Normandy SR1 should always redeem, and rain will behave like rain once more.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Hello Games has today deployed Prisms Patch 3.52 to No Man’s Sky. Much like Prisms Patch 3.51, it fixes several bugs based on both the Prisms update and a couple of features that the update itself has been causing issues with. All fixes are based on feedback from the community, and more still are being worked on for the game’s next patch.

The one most players will care about relates to the Normandy SR1 Freighter, your reward for completing Expedition Beachhead. Some players have had issues redeeming the Freighter if it was first redeemed as part of a full fleet. This issue has now been fixed, and you should be able to redeem the Freighter in your next save without any problems.

Using photo mode in the Space Anomaly now won’t cause music to stop, the death screen will be at the correct size when using DLSS, and DLSS won’t cut off your photos in VR anymore. VR players were also experiencing an issue that caused stars to look enormous when landing on planets, but this has been corrected.

The Prisms Update addressed how wet planets look when it’s raining, and Prisms Patch 3.52 fixes an issue that caused some to remain looking dry despite the constant rainfall.

This patch also addresses many issues outside of Prisms Update features, such as cockpit visibility when using the Galaxy Map in VR, entrance transitions playing twice in PSVR, building tutorials not displaying, and new in-game notes to reflect changes that have been made in previous updates. The full patch notes contain every single change.

Prisms Patch 3.52 is available across all platforms and can be downloaded immediately. Any bugs found from today should be reported directly to Hello Games via its bug report form.