No Man’s Sky Waypoint update is an incredible overhaul of the inventory system, out now

4.0 is here, space explorers.

Image via Hello Games

No Man’s Sky’s streak of updates isn’t stopping anytime soon. July saw the arrival of the Endurance update, which made big changes to freighters and crews. As of today, October 7, the next major update is here. It’s called Waypoint, and it brings the game up to version 4.0.

Hello Games lead Sean Murray listed out quick but important bits of info about Waypoint on Twitter. Inventories have been expanded, with up to 60 tech slots and 120 cargo slots; Murray says that tech can even “be packaged” as cargo now, giving more options for managing your stock. A new streamlined UI should make it easier to shuffle those pieces around. There’s also more capacity for ships, weapons, and S-class freighters at your disposal. Furthermore, you can move tech between ships and earn new inventory slots “cheaper and faster.” Altogether, the Waypoint update is giving players a ton of control over how they manage their collection of goods.

The update is about more than inventories though. Posting on the PlayStation Blog, Murray also stated that No Man’s Sky version 4.0 has “hundreds of community-favorite quality-of-life improvements,” plus more milestones, collectibles, and missions for seasoned players. No Man’s Sky has seen 20 major updates so far, and Waypoint merges all that content together for a more streamlined, cohesive experience. For those who just want to relax and explore the galaxy — one of the biggest video game maps of the decade — Relaxed Mode is just the ticket. It “brings a new focus on sandbox exploration for travelers old and new.”

Murray calls Waypoint the game’s “biggest generational jump so far,” and from all the mechanical improvements, it sure does sound that way. The update is live now for everyone, on the same day that No Man’s Sky makes its debut on Nintendo Switch. For anyone picking up No Man’s Sky for the first time or returning to the game after a break, we can help you get into the swing of things with a guide on how to start the latest Expedition.