Nostalgic Starfield Player Recreates Magic School Bus As Starship

One Starfield player is showing their love for the classic kids cartoon.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Players have been getting creative with their starship designs in Starfield, ranging from the wacky to the downright cool, and as more players jump in and get familiar with the game, more incredible creations seem to be popping up every day.

Today that includes one player’s big yellow starship inspired by the Magic School Bus cartoon, ready to take to the stars for the biggest and best field trip it’s ever seen.

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Player Is Prepared to Take Their Field Trip to the Stars

Screenshot by Gamepur

The spaceship build comes from Reddit user u/SP7R, who recently showcased their creation with players on the platform. In the images they shared, we get a good look at the ship’s design as well as in flight, and players have been loving it.

It features the signature yellow exterior made up of multiple cosmetic ship parts, with the windows made up of habs and multiple areas to peer outside, and with a cockpit found on top of the ship in the roof. It also has an eerily accurate-looking setup for the bus face, which is both impressive and slightly off-putting.

Comments on the post include multiple users praising their creativity, as well as several quoting or joking about the show and its characters, with one popular comment being “Where the road ends, adventure begins!” a line often said by the character Miss Frizzle.

This is not the first creation of SP7R that has caught player’s attention. It turns out they are quite the prolific shipbuilder in Starfield, having shared their other creations with users since thegames release. These include Serenity from the show Firefly, the Pizza Express from Futurama, and the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek, to name a few. We also have seen some other great creations from players since the game’s release, including one resembling a duck.

We can expect to see more creative starships as more players jump into Starfield, and with the potential for modding to add more options and variety, it looks like the caliber of ship designs will only get higher.