Official PlayStation 5 faceplates could be in the works, suggests new Sony patent

This could also just be further legal action.

Image via PlayStation

If you’re part of the crowd that wants to customize their PlayStation 5 console, you’re in luck — maybe. Sony has patented its PS5 faceplates, which means alternate color schemes could be on the way.

The new patent, per a report from Op Attack, is for a “skin cover for [the] PS5 console,” a phrase which ought to be pretty self-explanatory. Further illustrations spell it out by showing detached faceplates. Though there’s no mention of color in the patent, fan-made renders of alternate DualSense controller colors did come true. The same is certainly possible for PS5 faceplates.

Dbrand, a company that makes skins for Xbox consoles as well as the prior PlayStation 4, is notable for being one of the first to market custom faceplates like the ones featured in Sony’s patent. Dbrand ceased sales of the plates after legal action from Sony, but that’s not the end of the story. The company currently sells “Darkplates” on its website. These are thinly veiled, somewhat legally distinct versions of the same product, with just enough redesign to let Dbrand sell them.

This may very well be Sony’s reason for patenting faceplates in the first place: to avoid further clashes with third-party sellers in the future. Dbrand is cheekily offering its products now, but other companies could create more headaches for Sony. That said, it would certainly be nice to see official, alternate color schemes for the PlayStation 5.