OlliOlli World Void Runners expansion will add aliens and even more outlandish skating

Hit the half-pipe to the UFO.

Image via Roll7

OlliOlli World is a chill game, but it’s still got more than a few quirks. Based on some new art, that same vibe is being carried into its first DLC release, Void Runners.

GameSpot spoke with developer Roll7’s CCO John Ribbins and shared a piece of key art that really sells the tone of the upcoming expansion. Aliens and their UFOs are already present in OlliOlli World, but they’ll be the focus of Void Runners. In fact, they’re a full-on skate crew that you’ll meet as part of the new content.

That out-of-this-world experience will be reflected in the gameplay too. There’s some amount of realism in OlliOlli World — you can do very real tricks like manuals — but that’s not a focus of the DLC at all. The base game focused “on things that actual skateboarders do,” according to Ribbins. “[For] the DLC, let’s free ourselves from that. What would just be a cool game mechanic or a cool thing to do because it’s a video game?” To that end, it seems that UFO tractor beams could play into the level design and trick execution in Void Runners. It will also add more customization options, of course.

Void Runners doesn’t have a release date just yet, but it is included in the Expansion Pass, which itself comes with the game’s Rad Edition. In the meantime, you can dig into all the weird stuff OlliOlli World already offers, like an unlockable Danny Trejo mask.