One final wrestling legend bursts onto the WWE 2K23 roster at the last moment

Getting in under the wire.

Image via 2K

Fans are starting to get excited at the prospect of jumping back into the wrestling world of WWE 2K23 as its release date fast approaches. The final roster of wrestlers was announced recently, revealing that base game players will have a whopping 178 different characters to play as. Plus, if you pick up the DLC, you’ll have even more Superstars at your fingertips. Even with all those fighters packed in, there was still room to squeeze in one more surprise at the last second.

In a stunning reveal at the end of UpUpDownDown’s WWE 2K23 Roster Ratings livestream, panel member and company stalwart Tyler Breeze was announced as a playable WWE Legend — with a rating of 77 in the game, for those keeping score at home. Breeze may not be the most iconic of wrestlers, but his face will be familiar to anyone who watches UpUpDownDown as a regular feature on the channel. Plus, his NXT run helped shape that brand in its early days and his time in the comedy tag team Breezango is beloved by fans.

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On top of that, Breeze and his frequent collaborator Xavier Woods have both been confirmed as GM characters in WWE 2K23’s MyGM game mode. MyGM sees players choose a General Manager to help them run their wrestling show, with each GM bringing certain strengths and special abilities to the table. No one except for Breeze and Woods has been confirmed as GMs yet, though we’d have to assume that the usual authority figures will be included. The devs also haven’t shown off any GM powers for this year, but Breeze’s power absolutely has to be called “Prove Yourself” or fans of Battle of the Brands will be livid.

This is likely to be the last surprise announcement for the base game’s playable roster — although a lot can happen in a few weeks, so who knows — so fans hoping for any more as-yet-unrevealed additions will have to wait and see what the DLC holds or, in the worst case, will have to stick around for WWE 2K24.