Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye DLC secret achievements revealed

There are 14 achievements for 870 Gamerscore.

via Mobius Digital

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The Echoes of the Eye DLC is scheduled to release for Outer Wilds on September 28, bringing 14 brand new achievements to Xbox for players to unlock. All 14 of these achievements have secret requirements, meaning their descriptions are hidden until after you unlock them, but we’ve got all of their secret descriptions revealed below for you. Those playing on PlayStation rather than Xbox also have 14 new trophies, all bronze, though Mobius Digital opted not to make them hidden for that platform. Here are all of the revealed achievement descriptions.

Achievement descriptions are sometimes hidden to conceal spoilers that may be within the descriptions, though the spoilers these particular ones give are rather minor. Either way, spoiler alert:

  • Around the world in 90 seconds (90G): Raft around the Stranger in under 90 seconds.
  • The Silenced Cartographer (35G): Render the Deep Space Satellite inoperable.
  • Tubular (90G): Ride the face of the wave for at least 15 seconds on a raft.
  • Early Adopter (55G): Attempt to use the second artifact prototype. Curiosity killed the cat, but a time loop brought it.
  • The Grate Filter (35G): Swim through the dam grate. Not everyone makes it!
  • Flat Hearther: (35G) Stand your ground beneath a moving chain elevator.
  • Celsius 232.78 (55G): This knowledge isn’t going to forbid itself!
  • Ghosts in the Machine (110G): Reach all 3 Forbidden Archives in a single loop without getting caught.
  • Sleep. Wake. Repeat.: (55G) Be woken up from a dream 5 different ways in a single loop.
  • Simulation Hypothesis (35G): Attempt to use the artifact at a normal campfire. Well, that settles that!
  • Fire Arrows (110G): Shoot the Little Scout at the artificial sun in the Stranger.
  • 1/900 (55G): Yahaha! You found me!
  • You’ll Never Take Me Alive! (55G): Escape your pursuers by jumping to your “death” instead of dodging past them.
  • Oof Ouch, My Bones (55G): Have your spine adjusted by a pursuer.

Based on the descriptions, Celsius 232.78 and the 35G achievements appear to be the story-related ones, while the rest come off as more miscellaneous. Of course, we’ll know more about these requirements when the DLC releases.