Outriders might be joining Xbox Game Pass

Another day, another Game Pass tease.

Image via People Can Fly

The Xbox Game Pass Twitter account loves to tease upcoming titles that are coming to the service. This time around, it looks like Outriders will be making its way to the subscription service.

The platform likes to create fake internal emails that will give some clues on what might becoming. If you read the latest one, the team makes references to “a mysterious signal” and an “anomaly.” These two references line up with the overall premise of Outriders, as players pursue a mysterious signal in the game.

Outriders would be a great addition to the already stellar service. The game currently has a live demo that players can hop into right now. The demo has been live for quite some time, but the developers are planning on keeping it live for even longer. Outriders development studio People Can Fly stated that the demo is planned to stay active beyond launch.

The demo currently does not have a time limit on it, so players can play for as long as they would like. On top of that, all of your progress will transfer over to the full launch when it is released on April 2. However, those saves will only transfer if you are playing the full release on the same system.

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