Overwatch 2 preps for its second season with Ramattra gameplay, an electrifying Junker Queen skin, and multiple balance changes

Junker Queen is going to bring the lightning.

Image via Overwatch 2 YouTube

Overwatch 2’s second season is right around the corner. The arrival of this season brings with it a new character, Rammatra, a tank, and several long-awaited balance changes players have been looking forward to seeing over the past few weeks. Season two also brings a new season pass, giving the power of the Olympian gods to Junker Queen in a thunderous skin.

Ramattra will be available on the first day, so long as you purchase the premium battle pass. If you go with the free version, Ramattra will unlock when you reach level 55 on the track, which means working your way through the daily and weekly quests to earn enough experience to reach this point. Ramattra is set to be a tank that changes forms based on what you need at that moment. Ramattra releases alongside the new Shambali Monastery Escort map.

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One of the significant balance changes coming to season two from the Blizzard team will be addressing Sojourn. Many players are leaving feedback that Sojourn’s high-skill ceiling of her Rail Gun makes it difficult for players to face her, and those who have already worked to master her become major obstacles in combat. To address this, the development team will look at the Rail Gun’s lethality at a distance and instead rework her to ensure players are focusing on her overall mobility to close the distance between opponents rather than staying afar.

Although Sojourn is the primary focus, other heroes such as Doomfish, Bastion, Ana, Junker Queen, Kiriko, Mercy, and Symmetra are expected to receive several changes to their gameplay.

As shown in the preview trailer, the focus for season two will be a Greek mythology-themed battle pass. Junker Queen’s electrifying skin will be the final reward on the Premium Battle Pass, with other characters receiving similarly themed skins, such as Ramattra’s Poseidon skin and Pharah’s Hades skin. To close out 2022, Overwatch 2 will feature the return of the Winter Wonderland and Lunar New Year events expected to come out shortly after the launch of season two.

The start date for Overwatch 2’s second season begins on December 6. This will come with a new season pass for you to purchase. Those who purchase the premium season pass will immediately gain access to the new character, Ramattra.