Palia Rewards New Users With Weekend Login Gifts

Claim your weekend goodies!

Image via Singularity 6

If you were planning on getting cozy with a few robots or pink fair folk this weekend, you’re in luck. If you’re a part of the Palia Discord server, you’ve no doubt seen the updates concerning new content, shutdowns, and all else concerning the well-being of Palia and the characters that live there. The Discord server has reached a substantial amount of members playing the game, so now the community is at a bit of a fever pitch concerning activity.

To help drive more of the excitement players are having with Palia, the developers have decided to hand out a few gifts for those looking to play this weekend. And all you have to do is log in.

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Palia Dev Offer Weekend Gifts For All Players

As a part of the celebration for Palia’s popularity since going into open beta last month, and the official Discord server reaching 300,000 members, the developers at Singularity 6 have decided to offer all players a free login gift to celebrate. If you log in daily today, tomorrow, and Sunday, you’ll be rewarded with three sets of gifts: 10x Oysters, 3x Lucky Coins to cash in at the shop, and 400x Chapaa Chase Tickets for the Maji Market.

These items are relevant to the game at large and the current event that’s in progress, so these gifts are useful for any player looking to jump in. Whether you’re just starting out this weekend or continuing your playthrough, these items can help progress your home and farm along smoothly, while also having some fun at the Maji Market in the process. Oysters can spawn some pretty valuable items, while the coins for the shop can also get you items once you cash them in. So having these extra gifts will certainly help you out in your Palia adventures.