Palia: Maji Market Event Guide – Times, Location, and Activities

Get the details on Palia’s first upcoming event.


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Palia’s first major in-game event has been revealed, the Maji Market, and with it comes new activities, quests, and items for players to unlock during the month-long event. This includes a new night market, stamp cards, and plenty of rewards for players to earn, making this a big addition to the cozy MMO.

If you are interested in taking a trip to the festivities, we’ve got all the details you need in this guide, including when the event starts, its location, and what players can expect from the Maj Market.

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What is the Maji Market Event?

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The Maji Market event is the first major event in Palia, and will see players able to take part in a variety of activities that will earn them rewards and offer a chance to take on new quests and tasks in the game.

The event will include a new mini area near Kilima village, and players can explore and discover all the event has to offer, including merchants with new items, prizes to win, and a chance to meet and interact with new players.

When Does the Maji Market Event Take Place?

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The event will take place from Tuesday, August 29th, all the way through to Tuesday, September 26th, giving players plenty of time to enjoy the event. It will be in a new area called the Kilima Village Fairgrounds.

Players can visit the market at any time, but the festivities will only be available from 6:00 pm to 3:00 am Palia time, so you’ll want to plan accordingly to ensure you can get right into the fun when it begins. The fairgrounds will come with the event will be open at all times.

What Can Players Expect From the Maji Market Event?

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Players will have multiple tasks and quests they can complete during the event, and with each they complete, they earn tickets that can be spent to unlock exclusive rewards, of which there are over 50. While we don’t have full details on what these entail, we have gotten a peak at some of the rewards, including a slew of different plushies and themed furniture.

There will also be an activity called the Chapaa Chase, which has players chasing down the little critters found around the world, with rewards and prices for players based on their contributions. There is also a stamp card system, and as players complete more tasks and fill their cards, they can unlock additional rewards. Then, there is the fairground, which will have plenty of space for players to partake in fishing and other activities and explore.

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To top it off, there will be fireworks, plenty of food and sights to see, and reward to earn, making this a worthwhile event for players to enjoy all month.