Palia September Update Promises Black Market Improvements & New Features

Can’t wait for Palia’s Black Market to look this good.

Image via Singularity 6

Palia is an open-world, cozy MMORPG that took us comfy gamers by storm earlier this year. Since its surprise announcement in April 2023 and rapid development, Palia has been on a meteoric trajectory, with a closed beta release and official launch happening in quick succession.

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Several significant milestones, including the introduction of Patch 0.168 and the tropical-themed Tish Shepp Ceremony, have marked the game’s development history. Now, Palia enthusiasts are abuzz with excitement as Singularity 6 teases an upcoming September update.

Palia Players Rejoice as September Update Promises a ‘Black Market Glow-Up

The Palia September update promises a “Black Market glow-up,” introducing new emotes, crop removal, and decor enhancements. Also, according to the Palia official Twitter account, “New outfits, maybe.”

Community reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, with gamers expressing excitement through various GIFs and comments. One particular player decided to actually vocalize their thoughts and shared their appreciation for the development team’s efforts, reminding the Singularity 6 team that they’ve “been enjoying the game a lot and am always looking forward to any updates and fixes you all are working on.”

Palia has experienced a mixed reception since its inception. Some laud Palia for its casual and cozy gameplay, while others condemn it for not meeting the expectations of the MMO community. The pre-alpha testing phase received an overwhelmingly positive response, with an influx of submissions surpassing expectations. Still, the game has faced a fair share of technical challenges since it was released back in April.

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Despite the diverse opinions surrounding Palia, the development team is committed to refining and expanding the game. With each update, they strive to address player concerns and build on the unique premise that has drawn players into this cozy, virtual world. As the September update approaches, anticipation is at an all-time high, and players are eager to see the Black Market enhancements and other exciting features that Palia has in store.