Palworld Multiplayer Servers Suffer Outage as Millions Pursue Their Pals

Palworld co-op servers are down but thankfully that won’t completely stop players from enjoying the new game.

Palword servers

Image via Gamepur

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The newest addition to the survival game genre is Palworld, but it has a Pokemon-like twist that has players flocking to Steam and Xbox Game Pass to get their hands on it. It seems the huge number of players has taken its toll on the early release game.

Palworld is the highly anticipated creature collector in which players are able to collect Pals, adorable, animal-like creatures that are very reminiscent of the popular Pokemon franchise. Only this time, they get guns, and the meme runs itself. Players must work together with Pals to build their base and take out the Syndicate that is invading the Pals’ homes. This game has quickly gained popularity from the moment it was released for early access.

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Pocketpair Announces Palworld Servers Are Down

Today, developer Pocketpair announced that the servers that run Palworld’s multiplayer capabilities are currently down due to the massive number of people playing the game. The official Twitter/X for Palworld has given the notice that the current number of players on at one time exceeds 1.3 million people, which is causing outages due to the high workload.

For us, if there was one thing that would make the servers go down, having the cause be too many people wanting to play the game isn’t exactly a bad thing. Of course, the flocks of fans flooding the game’s multiplayer servers do seem like a lot for a game that’s only just been released in early access. While we were playing yesterday as a team, we saw several instances of frame drops and chugging that made us think the game was about to crash.

The Palword Twitter also announced that it had a total of 4 million players in the first three days of its release, and the numbers are just increasing. With numbers like those on an early release, it’s no wonder the servers are struggling to keep up.

There is good news for solo players, though. The server outages do not hinder single-player worlds. If gamers don’t mind taking up the Palworld challenge on their own, they will still be able to fully enjoy the game.

Players are to keep an eye on server updates through the Palworld Twitter and the official discord for further information concerning the server status. In the meantime, our complete guide has everything players need to push through the toughest parts of the game alone.