Palworld Complete Guide: Pals, Materials & Farming Tips

Here’s everything you need to know about Palworld, the game in which you recruit, work with and shoot Pals.

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Fans of games similar to Pokemon, Satisfactory, and Factorio will fall in love with Palworld. It’s packed with elements of automation simulators and creature catchers, but manages to maintain its own identity separate from all of them.

Though that may sound like a broad statement, Palworld really has been ticking these boxes since it was released in January 2024. The game has dozens of systems and mechanics that interlink for players to learn, but it can take a while if players don’t know how to get around the grind. That’s why we’ve put together this complete guide with every tip and trick we’ve learned while playing to help others as they work through the game.

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All Palworld Gameplay Guides

Below, we’ve listed all the guides we’ve created that cover the gameplay basics of Palworld’s mechanics. Whether it’s figuring out how to catch strong Pals, or understanding the purpose of the game’s world, there’s a guide here to help.

All Palworld Pal Guides

In this section, we’ve outlined every guide we’ve produced about the Pals of Palworld. These are the creatures players collect during their time with the game, the ones they’ll need to help automate much of the work they do in the early hours.

All Palworld Crafting Guides

In this part of our guide, we’ve highlighted all of the guides we’ve written that focus on the crafting elements in the game. This is a huge part of Palworld, and these guides make it all so much easier for players to manage.

What is Palworld?

palworld platforms
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The elevator pitch version of it is Palworld is Pokémon with gunsIf that caught your interest, then you’ll want to know that Palworld is a multiplayer monster-collecting game that intertwines the excitement of creature collection with the challenges of survival in an expansive, open world. 

It’s developed by Pocketpair, a company that already had success with a previous online multiplayer game with mostly positive reviews on Steam. Their latest, Palworld, introduces players to a dynamic experience where they can capture, train, and bond with an impressive array of creatures known as Pals. Though I’d mostly call it creature slavery if you ask me.

What Platforms is Palworld Available On?

palworld early access
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Palworld is available on PC via Steam and Xbox Series X/S. The game is also available on Game Pass for both platforms. At the moment, developer Pocketpair has no plans to bring the game to PlayStation, but that could change in the future given its popularity.

Is Palworld Free-to-Play?

Palworld Release Date
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No, Palworld is not a free-to-play game, and must be purchased or downloaded using a Game Pass subscription. In fairness, the game boasts over 100 types of Pals and even field bosses. What’s even more fun is that you can get lost in this experience with up to 32 other players.

If Palworld interests you in any way, and let’s face it, how could it not, I highly suggest you get in on Steam during its early access period. Developer Pocketpair, as mentioned on the game’s Steam page, hints at a potential price increase at or around the official release.