Will Palworld Be Crossplay? [Explained]

Palworld players won’t all be on the same console come launch day, but will there be Crossplay to connect fans looking to play together?

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Those looking forward to Palworld, a gun-obsessed creature collector open-world game, can now play it across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. However, with multiplayer functionality critical to gameplay, the need for crossplay is at the top of the requirement list for players

In Palworld, players can use “Pals” as pawns to build/work at factories, hunt down fellow Pals with weaponry, crawl through a multitude of dungeons, and so much more. Because there’s so much to do in Palworld, and because the game is a day one Xbox Game Pass release, a lot of fans this game are wondering, will Palworld be crossplay?

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Will Palworld Have Crossplay On Launch?

Unfortunately, there’s not much good news in this regard, as can be seen in the brief FAQ the developers at Pocketpair posted:

Palworld won’t be crossplay on launch whether that’s crossplay between console and PC or even crossplay between the Steam version and the Xbox Game Pass version.

Similar cases have occurred with quite a few day-one Game Pass releases, such as Warhammer 40,000 Darktide not having crossplay for months after its initial release, or Monster Hunter: Rise never having any real crossplay functionality.

It seems to be a relatively common occurrence for developers to struggle with figuring out how to get the console, Game Pass, and Steam versions of their games to communicate. Hopefully, this won’t be the case with Palworld, as the devs also stated in their FAQ that they’re working to add crossplay as soon as they possibly can.

A final point addressed in the developer FAQ, Palworld will be purchasable for $29.99. However, for those who feel like the lack of crossplay will actively affect their enjoyment of the game, it might be worth giving the game a bit of time before purchasing it, to see if Pocketpair will be able to quickly address this issue.

When Will Palworld Come to Switch?

Like crossplay, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that we currently don’t have a definite date on when Palworld will come to Switch. Given that the game is currently in early access, this makes a ton of sense. Nintendo Switch games tend to not be in early access once they drop on the console, which might be a Nintendo policy.

The good news is that Palworld will eventually come to Switch. The developers are most likely working on a Switch version due to considerably high demand. You’ll have to wait a bit longer though for it.

Now that Palworld is out, the game is taking the world by storm. Likewise, you too can take its many dungeons and bosses by storm with the right tips and tricks to get you through.