Paradox Suicune and Virizion’s signature moves potentially leak for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet from an unlikely source

The past and future Pokémon continue to collide with the present day.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet fans have been hungry to learn about any expansions set to launch for the game and have been eager to catch more Paradox Pokémon. Many have speculated that one of the upcoming Paradox Pokémon could be a mysterious gorilla many have seen in the in-game Scarlet and Violet books. However, leakers have shared that two notable legendaries might appear in the game: Suicune and Virizion. An official source may have further hinted at these Pokémon’s unique typing.

The leak comes from an official Pokémon Scarlet and Violet team builder, where players could add in the Pokémon they intend to use and assign them moves. Fans noticed this information at Pokémon’s Video Game Championship competition in San Diego, with the two moves being Psyblade and Hydro Steam, belonging to Paradox Virizion and Paradox Suicune, respectively.

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When the images made their way around, multiple leakers, such as Centro Leaks, pointed out who these moves would go to and hinted that Paradox Suicune would be a Water and Fire-type, and Paradox Virizion would be a Grass and Psychic-type. We don’t know how accurate these typings could be until we receive an official announcement.

We had heard rumblings about the potential for Paradox Virizion and Suicune to appear in the game for several months. These were shared even before Scarlet and Violet had been released. Many speculated they would not appear in the base game, which they did not, and instead would make their appearance in upcoming expansions.

Outside of the attacks shared by the official Pokémon team builder, the existence of Paradox Virizion and Paradox Suicune has not been confirmed or teased by The Pokémon Company. However, we might better understand how these Pokémon will make their way into the game when we learn more about the upcoming Scarlet and Violet expansions.

So far, we have no updates from The Pokémon Company or a timeline of when to expect any expansion. Hopefully, these details will arrive before the end of January, similar to when the developers announced the Sword and Shield expansions, The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra.