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Patch 13.3 rerolls out a new way to use Hero Augments in Set 8 of Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

Roll and reroll until you find the hero of your dreams.

One of the defining features of Teamfight Tactics Set 8: Monsters Attack! is the Hero Augments. These new Augments buffed specific heroes, making the creation of a super-buffed champion on your team one of the focal goals of this set. Before, when players were offered Hero Augments, they could only reroll their Hero Augment once, and that one reroll was shared with their other augments. As of Patch 13.3, released on February 8, the Riot Games devs have changed that rule and given Hero Augments four rerolls instead of one.

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With the major overhauls in Patch 13.3, Riot Games devs felt compelled to change up the Hero Augments a bit. After all, with the previous situation, the “super-buffed champion” idea was falling flat. Many players instead chose suboptimal support augments to fit the build they had already been putting together. That, or players would completely abandon their current builds in favor of stronger units and augments. With the increased reroll count, players are much more likely to get something that actually works well with their items and team.

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Don’t start thinking you can be clever and use those extra rerolls on other augments, though. Only Hero Augments get access to those four rerolls. Also, if you see a Hero Augment that fits your team pretty well, be careful of rerolling. Once you see a Hero Augment, you can’t roll it again, so you might not want to roll away a good option in the hopes of finding a better one.

There are a few tinfoil hat theories/jokes floating around Reddit that the most prominent Riot Games TFT dev, Mortdog, has added this change to the game to help him complete his personal challenge. This season he’s trying to win a game with every Hero Augment and he’s about halfway through. The Hero Augment reroll change, understandably, will make it a lot easier for him to complete this goal. While this theory is mere speculation, even if it were true, a lot of players are likely still thankful for the change.

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