How do Hero Augments work in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 8?

Don’t you want a giant Jax who attacks even faster?

Image via Riot Games

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With each new Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set, game features like champions, items, and augments evolve into something fresh and different. In Set 8, one of the biggest changes will be Hero Augments. A brand new way to buff your team, Hero Augments will be one of the driving forces on how you build your team.

What are Hero Augments?

Hero Augments are the new replacement to Set 6’s iconic Hextech Augments. Instead of being a general team buff like in previous Sets, Hero Augments have a different goal. As the name implies, Hero Augments focus on buffing specific characters and making superheroes and supervillains out of them. There are two augments for each champion unit in the game.

Getting certain Hero Augments can greatly affect the trajectory of your build, turning an early Threat build into a Mecha: PRIME build if you get a good Mecha Augment. In the case of say, a champion like Jax, getting his Relentless Assault augment early could lead you to build around a Jax carry. After all, this augment gives Jax an impressive 20% attack speed boost after every third attack. This effect does stack and lasts for the rest of the combat. Boosts like that can turn an already powerful Jax into a destructive force, unlike any Mecha you’ve seen before.

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How do they fit into Set 8?

As each champion unit has two Hero Augments, one is a pure offensive boost, while the other helps the defensive stats of your team. For example, Sona‘s offensive Hero Augment gives her bonus AD, AP, and her ability fires an extra beam. Her defensive augment gives her adjacent allies bonus mana.

Given the extreme buffs of these Hero Augments, they will likely become a major focus of TFT Set 8. Instead of relying on certain builds and build-specific positioning, both will change and evolve depending on what augments you get. While TFT will stay the same game, these Hero Augments will make players approach playing Set 8 in a completely new way than any Set ever before.