Peter Molyneux’s next game makes use of NFTs in a blockchain business simulator

Molyneux keeps getting himself into controversial stuff, huh.


Image via 22Cans

Former head of Lionhead Studios Peter Molyneux is back at it again with another controversial move. His current studio, 22Cans, is getting involved in the NFT craze with its next game set to release some time in 2022. Titled Legacy, the studio’s publisher made a blog post detailing their vision for what they call “the first ever blockchain business sim.”

According to the post, the general concept doesn’t appear that unusual. It’s a business simulator in which you develop businesses from the ground up, designing your own products. It seems harmless enough, but then that’s where the blockchain comes in.

The entire game seems built around the concept of owning plots of land as NFTs in order to begin building a business. Legacy makes use of a new ethereum-derived cryptocurrency known as LegacyCoin. This LegacyCoin is used to power many of the game’s features such as acquiring Legacy Keys to manipulate the in-game economy and obtain item NFTs. Legacy Keys are also used to turn other players into business partners, with both parties sharing their portion of earned LegacyCoin. The currency itself is obtainable through competitive events against other human players according to the post.

22cans isn’t the first studio to jump on the highly lamented blockchain fad. Just last week, Ubisoft announced its plans to bring NFTs to various titles beginning with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. This decision was met with so much blowback from consumers that Ubisoft delisted its video unveiling Ubisoft Quartz.