When is the release date for Pikmin 4? Answered

You don’t have to wait all year for it.

Pikmin 4 dog and new protagonist

Image Via Nintendo

Pikmin 4 has been something fans of the series have been waiting years for. Since Pikmin 3 was released on the Wii U, there has been very little representation of the series outside of Hey, Pikmin on the 3DS, Olimar reappearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and that third game getting a re-release on Nintendo Switch. With all this in mind, Nintendo finally did us a solid and revealed Pikmin 4’s release date during the February 2023 Direct. Here is when it releases.

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When does Pikmin 4 release on Nintendo Switch?

Pikmin 4 is currently set to release on July 21. While we do not have a confirmed price point, you can expect it to cost $60 on the Nintendo eShop. We would be surprised if there are any special editions for the game announced, but independent retailers could run some kind of specials if they choose to.

Pikmin has never been much of a blockbuster series for Nintendo, although it does have a very dedicated fan base. The series has a history of just barely eeking out one million units sold in most of its past releases, which is a far cry from the Marios, Zeldas, and Animal Crossing games that easily reach into the double-digit millions.

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Just because the series doesn’t have the mass appeal of Pokémon and other Nintendo heavy hitters doesn’t mean there is no value. As noted above, there is a very dedicated group that loves to play these games, so having Pikmin 4 set in a very distinct backyard is an exciting step forward.