Pikmin Bloom is adding weekly step goal challenges later this week

Step up to the challenge.

Image via Pikmin Bloom YouTube

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In the first major upgrade since its launch, Niantic is adding weekly challenges to Pikmin Bloom that make the most of its step-tracking gameplay. The Pikmin Bloom weekly challenges take the form of step goals, which can be taken on alone or as part of a group with friends.

As reported by Eurogamer, weekly challenges in Pikmin Bloom are step goals, with the first week beginning on Thursday, April 28. According to Eurogamer, you can sign up for an easier or more difficult weekly challenge step goal. The first week, for example, has you attempting to walk either 50,000 or 100,000 steps alone or with friends (who you need to add to the mobile game).

Completing a weekly challenge will reward you with nectar. The more difficult the challenge, the better the nectar you’ll receive upon completion. Don’t worry if you can’t reach that step goal, though, as you’ll still be awarded something for simply taking part. Everyone’s a winner in Pikmin Bloom.

To take part in the Pikmin Bloom weekly challenges, you need simply to access them on the game’s home screen with a click of the new widget that is set to be added. You can choose which friends to invite to the walking challenge, too, meaning you can safely ignore those who have less active lifestyles. We don’t want layabouts dragging the team down.