Play Pokémon Responds With Official Statement Following Pokémon Go Community Backlash

There has been a formal response to the current community backlash, and things are being formally investigated.

Image via Niantic

The past few days have been challenging for Pokémon Go players. They continue to feel unheard by Niantic following the silence from the development team regarding the Remote Raid Pass changes. The community has gone so far as to release a heartfelt letter, begging for Niantic to listen to them, creating the #HearUsNiantic2 on Twitter.

Following the recent events within the Pokémon Go community, the Play! Pokémon Twitter account has addressed the ongoing issues with a formal letter. The letter does not directly address the problems the community has with Niantic’s changes, but it asks that everyone remain respectful of one another as the team investigates the current issues the community has been sharing.

A Formal Letter from Play! Pokémon asks community members to act honorably and respectfully

The formal letter was shared on the Play Pokémon Twitter account, where the team conveyed that in light of recent events, they will look into the most effective ways to keep community members informed of massive changes within the games they cover. None of the Remote Raid Pass changes or ongoing problems within Pokémon Go are directly discussed, but the team asks players to act with honor and respect.

This letter was written hours after the PokeMiners team shared an emotional response from the community on their Twitter account, requesting that Niantic finally listen to them and reevaluate the upcoming changes. In addition, multiple members of the Pokémon Go community have retweeted and shared this letter using the #HearUsNiantic2.

Alongside the ongoing issues the Pokémon Go community has with Niantic’s changes to the Remote Raid Passes, the team likely created it in response to the death threat sent to the Pokémon Go Global Community Manager, PlayerOneTyler. They shared this information on their personal account days after Niantic announced the Remote Raid Pass changes.

With Play! Pokémon sharing that they are looking into the current issues, the Pokémon Go community might see a further discussion on these topics over the next few days. Hopefully, the community will feel heard over the next few days, and everyone can find a compromise on this extremely delicate situation.