Players are supposedly getting wrongly banned in Lost Ark — again

Another string of bans.

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Image via Smilegate

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Lost Ark has recently unleashed a ban wave intended for bots, but it appears that average players have gotten swept up in the trouble. Hundreds of players are claiming they have gotten falsely banned and have sounded off on the game’s official forums. Additionally, players have claimed Amazon Games support have responded with predominantly bot replies.

Community Manager Roxx replied to the massive thread, stating that they are looking into the issue with customer support and promised to update users with any information that they find. They also directed users to use the official appeal process with Amazon Games, which they admitted was a “frustrating” process.

“I know this process is often frustrating, but it is important to file a ticket to have on record, and please keep in mind that because I am not a member of the CS team and do not have support tools at my disposal, I cannot individually look into player accounts, information, or change the status of any bans directly.”

This is the second time that players have supposedly received unfair bans in a separate issue. Later in that thread, Community Manager Roxx has called out accounts that were linked to “massive gold purchases” tied to third-party gold selling websites.